Goodbye Meteor  - We Could Have Been Radiant (Dunk! Records)

Goodbye Meteor - We Could Have Been Radiant (Dunk! Records)

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The radiant debut LP by French post-rock sensation Goodbye Meteor has finally landed into our store! And a soft landing we dare say, as this elegant record offers a warm and welcoming embrace into the world of the band and their expansive sound. Drawing inspiration from genre's giants We Lost the Sea and God Is an Astronaut., Goodbye Meteor deliver a convincingly bold debut effort, that radiates with shimmering youthful energy! Unlike most bands in the genre however, Goodbye Meteor favour calmer tones, opting for quieter but equally effective climax-inducing compositions. Wisely constructed and brilliantly executed, the songs on this album are bright, warm and hopeful.  Self-describing their music as “instrumental tracks that give us an epic journey deep inside a dark galaxy sprinkled with luminous dust”, Goodbye Meteor deliver a convincing debut that is both a condemnation of humanity's exploitation of the Earth's natural resources and an hopeful call to unity and reconciliation: 

"We Could Have Been Radiant" explores human emotions, moving from hope to inevitable destruction. While the first part of the album follows on from “Metanoia” EP, closing the chapter on humanity's quest for a positive outcome, the end of the album illustrates this disillusionment, and aims to guide the listener towards the saving light provided by the present moment." - Laurent 

Goodbye Meteor play "We Could Have Been Radiant" with the effortless conviction of veteran musicians and display a great ear not only for writing epic build-ups and blissful climaxes, but also sonic storytelling with a positive and progressive intent. A powerful display of intent, the album is a call for safeguarding our home planet narrated via voiceless anthems. A gentle explosion, "We Could Have Been Radiant" is a worthy addition to your post-rock catalogue.