Celestial Wolves - Live at Dunk!2021 LP

Celestial Wolves - Live at Dunk!2021 LP

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Celestial Wolves's special set at dunk!2021 online on 180g colored vinyl.

Comes in a regular sleeve in on Dark Turquoise Swirl colored vinyl and is limited to 300 copies worldwide. Remastered audio.

Also available at A Thousand Arms (US), Birds Robe Records (AU), Church Road Records (UK) & New Noise China (CN).

Released on June 13th, 2022. 

01. Cobe (acoustic edit) (live at dunk!2021)
02. -128°F (acoustic edit) (live at dunk!2021)
03. Alithia (acoustic edit) (live at dunk!2021)
04. Re-Entry (acoustic edit) (live at dunk!2021)
04. Karoshi (acoustic edit) (live at dunk!2021)
04. Aeolist, Descend! (live at dunk!2021)
04. Porcupine Bank (live at dunk!2021)
04. Bangui (live at dunk!2021)

Recording & mixing - Jannes Van Rossom at dunk!studios
Mastering - Jonas Everaert at dunk!studios
Artwork - Error! Design

Recorded at dunk!studios for dunk!2021 online edition.