Narrow Head - Moments of Clarity deluxe edition CD/DVD PRE-ORDER

Narrow Head - Moments of Clarity deluxe edition CD/DVD PRE-ORDER

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Expected to ship late May, 2024

Introducing the Moments of Clarity Deluxe Edition, coming out May 3, 2024. This expanded edition of Narrow Head's 2023 album includes 2 b-sides and 5 remix tracks, available for the first time on a deluxe CD offering that includes a 20-page lyric booklet, reflective o-card case and a bonus DVD. This DVD includes Pure. Coherent. Lucidity. - a live session over 45 minutes long tracked by the band in Los Angeles in 2023 as well as two music videos.

Truly great pop songs do not require a cheery outlook in order to work, nor do they pander to expectations of syrupy sweet easy-listening. Rather, the best pop music is a matter of refinement and pure intention, of dialing groove to melody so that the two might puncture the malaise of everyday living in unison, revealing some brief, sober truth about our shared human condition. On their third LP, Moments of Clarity (Run for Cover), Narrow Head have achieved precisely this feat. Traversing the depths of massive, churning riffs, often distorted to the point of violence, bouncing, lock-grooved rhythms, and crystalline, gorgeously constructed hooks, the Houston-based outfit puts on a masterclass in the art of writing songs that match the pain, pleasure, and confusion of modern living. Each track is sentimental without being precious, heavy without unnecessary griminess, pop-forward without letting the listener off the hook easy: these songs ask for some form of hurt or desire to be paid back to them in return, some promise that the listener is putting equal skin put into the game.

The record’s title came to vocalist/guitarist Jacob Duarte in an ambient, almost haunting fashion. Throughout the writing process of this most recent record, the turn of phrase “moments of clarity” appeared to materialize wherever Duarte looked in an almost serendipitous fashion, be it while listening to the radio or talking with friends at the bar. “The phrase created a space for me to reflect upon my own life,” Duarte admits, “since our last record I’ve had plenty of moments of realization like that… when you experience friends dying, you’re forced to see life a little differently.”

Moments of Clarity reflects this matured sense of purpose. Longtime Narrow Head fans will undoubtedly still recognize the band’s signature marriage of brutality and grace, and many of the core themes of desolation, loss, and self-medication that the band established on their prior records Satisfaction (2016, re-issued by Run for Cover in 2021) and 12th House Rock (2020, Run for Cover) continue to haunt the edges of Moments of Clarity. All the same, Moment of Clarity rises above the darkness with a sense of elegant repose, like a butterfly-winged figure-skater skimming the hardened rim of a freezing black lake. While not exactly optimistic in outlook, these songs simmer with a certain life affirming desire, a burning passion to transcend pure cynicism and self-destruction, if only for even a few seconds.

Tracklist (Deluxe Edition CD / Digital)
1. The Real
2. Moments of Clarity
3. Sunday
4. Trepanation
5. Breakup Song
6. Fine Day
7. Caroline
8. The World
9. Gearhead
10. Flesh & Solitude
11. The Comedown
12. Soft to Touch
13. T.W.I.N
14. Love Sick
15. Moments of Clarity (Pictureplane remix)
16. Moments of Clarity (Trans FX remix)
17. Moments of Clarity (stripmallravestarrr remix)
18. Caroline (cole3k remix)
19. Gearhead (lil aaron & atlgrandma remix ft. Laker Brady)

CD version includes DVD with
- Pure. Coherent. Lucidity 45+ min Live Studio Session
- Moments of Clarity Music Video
- Gearhead Music Video